Fibres and materials

Wolkol has a large assortment of raw sheep fleeces. On a yearly basis some thousand fleeces from several breeds go through our hands. They are carefully selected for quality and use, like spinning, felting and weaving.

In our wool workshop we carry various materials that will enhance your creative endeavours. We offer anything from specialty fibres for spinning, watering bulbs, and dye stuffs, to ready for use natural and dyed yarn, and parts for spinning wheels. We also provide customized workshops to enrich your skills and knowledge.


Felting, Spinning and Dyeing

Would you like to broaden your knowledge and skills? We offer customized workshops! Learn to felt fleeces, collars and tapestries,  spinning for beginners and advanced students, dyeing and wool immersion days. Workshops are provided to individuals and groups, and if possible at a location of your convenience/your home.

We can also provide seminars about wool, customized to your interest and requirements.


That you can feel!

Raw sheep fleeces greatly differ in quality. The raw wool available at Wolkol exclusively originates from farmers and shearers who care for their animals with love and good practice. This is reflected in the fleeces. The well being of the sheep is paramount!

Travel along!

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